The NetSure Portal

Manage Your Maintenance & Support Online

The NetSure Portal is a web-based contract management, equipment inventory, service desk, and configuration management tool. This tool allows NetSure customers to manage maintenance and support contracts from any vendor, not just NHR; open and track NetSure trouble tickets online; search by serial number, vendor or product ID to find contracts, hardware, and store backups of hardware configurations.The NetSure Portal is available to all NetSure customers at no additional fee.

The NetSure Portal

 Contract Management

Contract Management

Manage all of your IT Maintenance & Support Contracts in one place

  • NetSure contracts will automatically be in the portal
  • Contracts from other vendors can be uploaded by you into the portal via an Excel upload

My Equipment

  • Online equipment inventory with export to Excel
  • Quick Search by serial number to determine which service provider and contract a piece of equipment is covered under
  • Open a service request ticket online or view ticket history for equipment covered by NetSure
  • Store equipment configurations for backup. This also allows NHR to ship your advanced replacement with the configuration pre-loaded for our NBD customers.
 My Equipment

Service History

  • Access to service ticket history
  • Quick search by Ticket Status, Ticket #, Item ID/Part #, or Serial #

Manage your company's portal account

  • Update your contact information
  • Change your password
  • Manage additional users for access to the portal if you are designated as an admin for your company
 Account Information

Download the NetSure Portal User's Guide